Corporate Philosophy

Appreciate and Accumulate Virtues

Kantoku Global Corporation was established in 1965. Since then, we have been growing and changing through the corporate philosophy of “Appreciate and Accumulate Virtues”.

We continue to appreciate our customers and purse what is best for the customers. We aim to create new values useful to the world’s economic development by staying hungry and constantly challenging, and being the company that earns trust and promises from customers.

Vision 2024

Land/Sea/Sky, Japan and the World

Being the bridge that connects customers and customers through smile and heart, and being the representative company of Japan with “USED in JAPAN”

Since establishment, Kantoku Global Corporation has mainly supplied forklift trucks, construction machinery and used commercial cars to countries around the world. If we look further to the world, there are many needs to “USED in JAPAN”, such as Japan’s high quality vehicles, industrial machinery, construction machinery, ships and airplanes. By connecting the domestic selling needs and overseas buying needs, we become the bridge of Japan and the world, and customers to customers through smile and heart.

HR philosophy

“Creation of Appreciation and Inspiration”

We train and respect talents who can create “inspiration (smile)” of customers, community, society, and co-workers. Each person nurtures a “grateful” heart, and on the basis of the essence of “being thankful”, we think about what each can do, take actions, and through teamwork and desire for challenge we achieve one’s dream.

Business Overview

“One-stop service from procurement to sales”
Workflow based on trust and performance

Kantoku Global Corporation ensures that various vehicles procured in Japan is delivered to overseas customers through our own workflow. By providing service consistently from start to finish at Kantoku Global Corporation, we can keep complete compliance handling our customer’s important vehicle, as well as cost reduction to customers.


1.Buying up

We procure vehicles that meets the customers needs through flexible and prompt purchase system built by strong trust relationship between Kantoku Global Corporation and domestic logistic companies, harbor transport companies.

We are also prepared to accept a large number of unexpected used cars, and correspond to various customer’s needs.


We promptly evaluate and identify each vehicle’s situation and determine whether it can be sold based on our Kantoku standard. If determined that it is difficult to be sold currently, mechanics repairs it to meet the standard. This work supports the prevention of troubles between sale destination and customers.

3.Check & processing

We throughly remove corporate name and logo from the perspective of protecting the compliance of logistic companies. At Kantoku Global Corporation, we recognize this removal process as an additional value and we make sure that the finished condition is pleasing to oversea customers.


Shipping method known as CKD (Complete Knockdown) is used to sell overseas. This means to dismantle vehicle for shipping in container. Extra parts generated from dismantling are not disposed, but are recycled to places that are needed for contribution to environment.


Dismantled vehicles are “packged” in a form suitable for overseas exports. We are able to correspond to various countries regulations and receiving system through the know-how we have cultivated.  We also ship CBU (Complete Build Up).


Our unique distribution network has been lead through accurate grasp of foreign demand trends resulting in exploitation of many overseas sales outlets. This distribution channel and export system makes our 300TEU/monthly shipment performance possible.


We have earned high reputation from oversea customers by maintaining high quality through maintenace and repair by our exclusive staff. We also gain reassurance and trust by keeping our quality standard, minimizing complaint to quality.