Business Overview

Commercial Distribution (Procurement & Sales of used Trucks)


Inspection and Reporting


  • Promptly identifies vehicle situation and determines whether it can be sold or needs maintenance
  • Maintains high quality and well trusted from customers
  • Time required for maintenance per vehicle is 40-60 minutes
  • Strict and detailed inspection by exclusive mechanic
Sample Report of vehicle evaluation

CSR that acquires supplier trust. Deleting signs


  • Exclusive staff deletes corporate names and logos based on supplier’s needs
  • Dedication to protect logistic company’s brand image
  • Painting technique to maintain quality and higher additional value
CSR operation

Re-make and Repair


  • Achieves quality stability and quality increase through exclusive staff’s re-make and repair operation
  • Creation of additional value to vehicles by repairing and exchanging parts of troubled vehicles
  • Our standard quality controls complaint to quality, gaining reassurance and trust from oversea customers

Shipping Method (CKD・CBU)

CBU(Completely Built-Up)

For developing countries, a large amount of CBU are imported from developed countries which will not lead to the development of their own automobile industry, so high tariffs are imposed on the import of CBUs.

CKD (Complete Knockdown)

To dismantle machine for transportation (mainly shipping)